Comparison Table
    Cashing in on Christmas Christmas
Cash Christmas
Operations Manual Supplier & Distributor lists
  Step by step guide Business Plan
  Employment management
  Tools and materials
Estimating Manual Job bidding & Costings
  JOB Price Formula
  JOB decoration and designs
Complete Marketing System Marketing Action Plan
  Marketing Advertising tools:
Banner, flyer, Brochures, Postcards
  Company logo & business cards
  Website templates
Installations Manual Illustrated Installation guides
  Troubleshooting guide
  Electrical 101 knowledge
  Out of the box installation- customize lighting installation      
  Installation formula & calculation
Business Forms Kit Business letterhead
  Fax sheet
  Inventory control form and data base
  Inventory control form check list
  Services agreement
  Employment log and sheet (Pay roll)
  Bank deposit log
  Customers management database
  Estimate logs & Sheets
  Customer Letter
  Employee tax Form
  Customer questionnaires
Lifetime Updates
Private premium updates      
  DVD training
  Business Model & Flow Chart Posters      
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