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LED Strip Light Tips Guide
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Step 1: How to select your LED strip light
Step 2: How to decide your length & power supply
Step 3: How to select your LED accessories
Step 4 : How to connect & install your LED project

Follow the simple 4 steps here before start decorating an sizing your LED Strip Lights:
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LED Strip Light Wiring & Connection Basic Handbook

Discover The Basic of Wiring & Connection of LED Strip Lights Here
Over this past few years, LED lights become so popular and strong demand among the application in commercial advertisements or household lighting purposes. With the speed development of high-efficiency and cost-effectiveness, LEDs price also become more reasonable and affordable for most of the family to install their LED lightings at house.

Below here we will guide you how to select your LED Strip Light based on 4 steps :
1.Indoor / Outdoor lighting design

If it is for indoor usage, you can consider selecting the non-waterproof type of strips due to its heat dispersion consideration. Waterproof type of strip, such as IP65 epoxy resin cover and IP67 Silicone gel tube are ideally design for outdoor lightings installation. IP67 Silicone Tube are more a better heat dispersion than IP65 Epoxy resin cover. IP68 waterproof are fully waterproof type and it is often used in swimming pools , sauna etc.

Indoor     :   Non waterproof LED strip light
Outdoor  :   Waterproof LED strip light       
                 - IP65 Epoxy Cover
                 - IP67 Silicone Tube
                 - IP68 Epoxy filling with Silicone Tube
2. Select type of SMD and No. LEDs

SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) means a circuit board is mounted and soldered with light-emitting diode. There are two types of SMD that are commonly found in the market now for LED strip, SMD 3528 and 5050. SMD3528 means its LED chips dimension in 3.5x2.8mm, whereby SMD5050 with chip dimension in 5.0 x 5.0mm.

The different between SMD 3528 and 5050
SMD5050 sometime called as “tri-chip” has the higher brightness than 3528. SMD5050 consists of 3 LED per chip whereby 3528 only has one LED per chip only. It is ideal to use for high illumination or high ambient lightings purposes. Due to its high illuminations output, SMD5050 consume 3 times higher watts power than 3528. SMD3528 consume 0.08w per LED and SMD5050 is 0.24w per LED.
No. LEDs per meter - 30/60LEDs
LED strip light often sell in 5 meter per roll. You can simply cut to the length size that you desire, like 1 meter or 3 meters for your project. Each meter has 30 or 60 pcs of LEDs on the PCB strip. More quantity of LEDS per meter mean higher power watts it will consume.

For examples:

SMD3528: 0.08w per LED

If 60LEDs per meter: 0.08w x 60LEDs = 4.8watts per meter (or 24watts per 5 meter in roll)

SMD 5050: 0.24w per LED
If 30LEDs per meter: 0.24w x 30LEDs = 7.2watts per meter (or 36watts per 5 meter in roll)
3. Select your Emitting Color

Generally there are 2 categories in colors of LED strip:

a.Single color strip: A static color without color changing. Most commonly apply to illuminate ceiling cove, kitchen cabinet or showcases. Colors selection:  Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Warm White, Cool White. Cool White is a bright white like a fluorescent bulb whereby Warm White is a yellowish white like an incandescent bulb.

b.RGB Color Changing Strip:  It is a method called multi-color white LEDs which the process of white light by mixing differently colored lights like red, green and blue. This type of RGB strips ideally to apply at the entertainment places such as lounges, nightclubs or stages performances etc. This vibrant color can be self-programmable by using LED RGB controller to design and control the colors.

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Step 1: How to select your LED strip Light
Click HERE to Step 2: How to design your Power Supply