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LED Strip Light Tips Guide
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LED Strip Light Wiring & Connection
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Step 1: How to select your LED strip light
Step 2: How to decide your length & power supply
Step 3: How to select your LED accessories
Step 4 : How to connect & install your LED project

Follow the simple 4 steps here before start decorating an sizing your LED Strip Lights:
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LED Strip Light Wiring & Connection Basic Handbook

Discover The Basic of Wiring & Connection of LED Strip Lights Here
At this step, you need to calculate how much power source needed before selecting the correct power supply for your LED wiring and installation works. Please bear in mind that the power supply that you want always depends on the TYPE and LENGTH of your LED strips.  Follow below 3 easy steps to decide your correct power supply:

Step A : Type of LED lights
First need to decide what type of LED strip lights that you decide to purchase for your installation, such as Mono/ RGB colors,30/60LEDs,Waterproof / Non waterproof .etc.

Step B : What size of your LED lights
Determine total size or length of you chain of lights installation. Size related to your total power supply to be used.

Step C : Refer to our Power supply chart table to select the right power source

Here you should know how much total in power source needed from your LED project. For power source calculation, it is recommended to add extra 20% of your total power source needed. For example:

You need 5 rolls of Green color LED strip Lights with SMD 3528-60leds ( 24w per roll)
3 x 36w = 108watts

Total power source : 5 rolls x 24w = 120watts
Add extra 20%        : 120w / 0.8    = 150watts

You need at least a 150watts of power supply for your 5 rolls of LED strip lights.
Step 2: How to design your Power Supply
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